Step 1  First mix up sugar water 1/2 sugar and 1/2 water place in spray bottle.

 Step 2  Remove 4 frames from brood box leave these frames out. Spray remaining frames with sugar water and replace in brood box.

 Step 3  Spray screen sides of package bees with sugar water. Remove lid from package bees, quickly remove sugar can and queen cage and replace  the lid back on your package bees.

 Step 4  The Queen Cage will have 3 to 4 other bees in with her. On the cage ends there will be two corks. The end with candy remove cork use a nail to loosen up the candy  be sure not to puncture any bees .

 Step 5  Now you place the queen between two frames away from opening the inner cover. Place the cage candy end up  in a slight angle up.

 Step 6  Spray the screen sides of your package bees. Place them in brood box where you have already removed the frames, remove lid off package bees then place your inner cover on top of brood box.

 Step 7 In two days remove package box, you will have some bees on and in the box so place it laying on side in the front of the entrance of hive (if there seem to be a lot of bees in package shake bees into hive). Now check to see if the queen is out of her cage if so remove cage from hive. If the queen is still in cage remove the cork on other end and replace between frames.

 Step 8  Always feed your new bees for about three months using 1/2 sugar and 1/2 water. We use a gallon jar and put about 15-20 small holes in the lid. Place something on each side of opening of inner cover to keep feeding jar from sitting on the inner cover. If you have another bee box remove all frames and place over feeder on top of brood box then place your hive cover. Before adding another brood or super box make sure. That there are at least 7 to 8 frames 90% full.
     The key for a strong hive is to place your bees as             soon as  possible in their hive and feeding them.

   Easy Steps On Placing Package Bees In Your Hive
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